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At SMS Builders, our team is fully committed to delivering quality workmanship on time. In recent years, SMS Builders Inc. has become one of the most trusted and reliable structural concrete contractors of Southern California. Our reputation stands firm in the construction community today because of our commitment to our clients.

Our Work

St. John Vianney Church,
Hacienda Heights CA

This project, completed in 2018, consists of 8 shear walls and boundary pilasters that are 24” thick, and nearly 50 feet tall. The building also boasts extensive amount of board-form, and a bell tower structure that stands 40 feet tall. This project highlights our technical capability when it comes to concrete formwork and execution.

Sierra Canyon School,
Chatsworth CA

This private school, completed in 2009, consists of heavy foundation, extensive amounts of cast-in-place walls, columns, and other structural concrete elements. Standing 5 stories tall with over 7,200 cubic yards of concrete, it is one of our top 10 largest projects completed to date.


In recent years, we have successfully completed a wide range of projects. Some of these projects were in the following areas of the construction industry:

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