Sierra Canyon School, Chatsworth CA

This private school, completed in 2009, consists of heavy foundation, extensive amounts of cast-in-place walls, columns, and other structural concrete elements. Standing 5 stories tall with over 7,200 cubic yards of concrete, it is one of our top 10 largest projects completed to date.

St. John Vianney Church, Hacienda Heights CA

This project, completed in 2018, consists of 8 shear walls and boundary pilasters that are 24” thick, and nearly 50 feet tall. The building also boasts extensive amount of board-form, and a bell tower structure that stands 40 feet tall. This project highlights our technical capability when it comes to concrete formwork and execution.

Fairfax Apartments, West Hollywood CA

This project is located on Fairfax Avenue close to Santa Monica Boulevard which posed many logistical challenges. Project consists of a 4-story apartment complex over one level of parking garage (cast in place concrete podium deck built over mat-foundation system, concrete columns, and CMU walls). Other features of this project included extensive amount of concrete bio-filteration planters, concrete well walls, swimming pool on the roof, etc. This project was completed in 2021.

Occidental College Pool & Tennis Courts, Los Angeles CA

Occidental Pool & Tennis Courts, completed in 2020, included addition of tennis courts over one level of storage facility and new swimming pool with stadium seating and two levels of extensive hardscape around the perimeter. SMS performed structural concrete elements of this project.

Kinecta Development, Manhattan Beach CA

Kinecta Bank & retail center, completed in 2022, consist of two separate buildings, one on grade and the other over one level of parking structure. This project is located at the corner of Sepulveda Boulevard & Manhattan Beach Boulevard. Project details include heavy foundation, perimeter cast in place concrete walls, columns, and a podium deck over parking structure for the shops.

Courtyard At Atherton, Alhambra CA

This senior housing community, completed in 2015, consists of one level of subterranean parking, a post-tension structural concrete podium deck, and 3-levels of senior housing above. The elevator & stair tower core is constructed in structural concrete up to the roof level. With an open courtyard located in the center of the project, an oak tree to protect, and only one point of access, this project posed many challenges that we overcame to successfully complete our scope expeditiously and on time.

Pacific Theater At The Americana, Glendale CA

Pacific Theater At The Americana is one of the highest-end movie theaters in Southern California. This project includes stadium seating in every single auditorium. Watching movies at this theater is quite an unforgettable experience. Features of this project include extensive amount of cast in place concrete walls, built-up concrete over Styrofoam, and concrete topping over metal decking. This brand-new cinema was completed in 2010.

Pelican Hills Golf Clubhouse, Newport Beach CA

This clubhouse consists of underground parking for golf club- cars, and a bar, restaurant, patio-seating with ocean view up on the second floor. Construction of this new clubhouse was completed in 2008.

USC College and University Residence Hall Structural Seismic Upgrades, Los Angeles CA

This project consists of seismic upgrades of College and University Residence Hall Buildings at the University Of Southern California. This project was completed in 2019.

Other Projects

These are other specialty projects such as shopping malls, car dealerships, large warehouses and superstores completed by SMS. These projects required lower tolerances and had fast-paced schedule to help GC’s deliver on time.